car|riage «KAR ihj; for 4c also KAR ee ihj», noun.
1. a) a vehicle that moves on wheels. Some carriages are pulled by horses and are used to carry people. Baby carriages are small and light, and may be folded. »

... a carriage and four splendid horses (Thackeray).

b) British. a passenger car of a railroad train.
2. a) a frame on wheels that supports a gun. b) a moving part of a machine that supports some other part. c) the moving part of a typewriter that holds the paper and the roller. d) the wheels and frame of a vehicle without the body.
3. a) the manner in which a person holds his head and body; bearing: »

She has a queenly carriage.

SYNONYM(S): See syn. under bearing. (Cf.bearing) b) Archaic. behavior; deportment.
4. a) the act of taking persons or goods from one place to another; carrying; transporting: »

All carriage to that mountain town has to be done by animals.

SYNONYM(S): transportation. b) the conveyance of merchandise; commercial transport: »

refrigerated carriage of fruit and flowers.

SYNONYM(S): transportation. c) the cost or price of carrying: »

This will be $10 for the gift package plus a charge of 50 cents for carriage.

5. management; handling; administration: »

The carriage of the whole enterprise was in his hands.

6. Obsolete, Figurative. a burden or load.
[< Old North French cariage < carier; see etym. under carry (Cf.carry)]

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